Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleepless nights

I have had a lot of sleepless nights lately!  Ugh, i feel like a new mother almost with the number of times I've been getting up at night. 
I worked Saturday night so, of course I was awake at work all night. 
Sunday night Selah decides to wake up and scream bloody murder at 2 am until I went and fed her a bottle.  Monday night Sophie woke up and came downstairs to tell me she "wet the bed."  So I changed her and stripped her bed, put her on the sofa at 2 am only to realize as I tucked her in that she was BURNING UP with fever.  Gave her some motrin and water then went to bed.  Then Selah woke up at 5:30 am screaming for another bottle which I eventually obliged so I could get some more rest ( i seriously wait until they are howling to get up because we don't want to start any bad habits).  Sophie is at 103 that morning so we head to the doctor only to find out she doesn't have flu or strep.  And even if she did have flu, they wouldn't treat it. 
Last night we let Sophie sleep on the sofa because she likes to be closer to us when she is sick.  So she wakes me up at 11pm (45 minutes after I went to bed) to tell me she's thirsty.  I take her temp..104.4 axillary, more motrin.  Trey goes to the sofa, Sophie gets in bed with me and proceeds to wake up every 30 minutes to tell me how bad she feels.  2am, Sophie wakes up to tell me "Mommy, I need to go potty."  Only problem, she already went "potty" in my bed.  So wierd, because she NEVER wets the bed, so two nights in a row is CRAZY.  I wake up and change her, strip my bed, change the sheets.  She keeps saying my side hurts, pointing to her kidney, so I am thinking Kidney infection.... Guess we'll be going to the doctor again.  Eyes roll.  But she's my baby and I hate it when she's hurting!  6:15 am - Selah wakes up bright and early.  Now it's 9:30 am , Selah's taking a nap and Sophie is still asleep in my bed...  I actually am not tired at all.  I think God is giving me some supernatural mama strength to keep me going.  Thank you LORD!!!! 
Praying for some sleep tonight though because I am working tomorrow night (if I get called in). 
Hope you guys are sleeping better than me!!!

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The Hairston's said...

Poor little Sophie (and mommy!) I hope she is feeling better & hope you get better rest tonight!!