Friday, September 18, 2009

More booster info..

I found some more info on carseat law and thought i'd pass it along, mostly because I didn't know any of this a few weeks ago. And my pediatricians office did NOT tell me the Alabama Car seat law of 5 years old and/or 40 lbs when I called and asked about putting Sophie in a booster at 36 pounds, they just told me to go by what is on the box...

So, I have been considering getting Sophie a booster seat because she is 36 pounds and some of them start at 30 pounds as the minimum weight. I've been thinking about it and going back and forth for a few months about it. I just keep thinking "how can a booster seat be as safe as a carseat?" I have no experience with all of this and haven't heard from many other moms who've made the transition to booster seats, so I just have been researching things on my own. I even called the pediatrician and they basically told me to go by what is on the box of the carseat. So, since it's Sophie's bday, we were going to take her to Target and get her a booster seat.
However, right before we are about to walk out the door and, I came across this video.
So as for me, I think we'll be stickin with a carseat for a while longer....I am glad I came across this information when I did because this information was convincing enough for me to change my mind and get another 5 pt harness carseat.
Here is another similar video made by parents urging others to leave their children in a 5 pt harness as long as possible.

Here is some info I found on about alabama carseat laws...

Alabama Car Seat Law Changes
Friday November 3, 2006
I've had a few questions lately about
car seat laws in Alabama. The state law changed in July 2006 to require forward-facing car seats until age 5 or 40 pounds, and to require booster seat use until age 6. Alabama is one of many U.S. states to make car seat law changes in recent years. Federal guidelines now suggest that children are safest when they stay in a harnessed car seat as long as possible, and then use a booster seat until they are at least 4'9" tall or weigh at least 80 pounds. Often the height and weight recommendations are met around age 8. Several states, including Kansas, have changed their car seat laws to reflect these federal guidelines.

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Rachael said...

Yes, yes, yes. That video was the reason we bought the Britax! Now we've got a booster because the Britax was taking up too much room in our car. We loved it though!