Saturday, September 19, 2009

You're Welcome Pottery Barn

For the record, I had these BEFORE Pottery Barn

If you've been to my house in the past 2 1/2 years, you've seen my window treatments. I found a great fabric at King Cotton downtown and had drapes, a valance and a roman shade made for our living area. I love it so much and can honestly say I am not tired of it at all. I get so many compliments on these window treatments!
(these are pictures of my curtains and roman shade)

So you can imagine my surprise when I open up a Pottery Barn recently and see MY special wonderful beautiful fabric in their catalog under window treatments. While I am flattered that I apparently have good taste, I am not thrilled that my lovely and unique window treatments will now fill the houses of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Anyway, if you like mine, then you can go get them at Pottery Barn. And don't worry, they have bedding and throw pillows to match!
(these pictures are from

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brooke said...

oh wow!!! i SO saw these in the PB catalog and was going to order the pillows and the shade!! i LOVE it! can't believe you already have it. a friend of mine said she would make me some pillows so i may have to go looking around to see what i can find!