Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craftsman Cottage Dream House

Trey and I are toying with the idea of building a house one day, so I've been looking at house plans online lately.  Here are a few of my faves.  We're also looking for ways to build an "expandable" house or to plain just build for less.  First things first, we have to sell our little townhome.  I have no idea if we'll be able to do this in the forseeable future, but it sure is fun to think about...  On another note, we'll be taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University this semester in our small group, haha.  I can just see Dave laughing at us now.  I am assuming that we're going to get a drop kick in the gut when it comes to our finances, but hopefully not.  I always love learning new things, so I am looking forward to it.... I think.

this house plan can be found at http://www.dongardner.com/

this house plan can be found at http://www.dreamhomesource.com/

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Day - Celebration 4, 5 and 6!

I lied.  We did 6 Christmases.  I forgot to count the one that occurs at MY OWN HOUSE.  Sad, right?
Well before I take my break from blogging and internet, I'd better hurry up and post the Christmas pics!

Christmas morning before the girls came downstairs!

The present opening begins.  I really have VERY few pictures of this.

Selah tries to learn to use her Sit N Spin=)

After we were done, we got ready and headed to my parents' house for #5.
(I told you I didn't take many pictures)

Luke and Sophie got some super cool gifts!

Selah and Reese got the same little cute tea set.

Reese showed all her toys to PopPop.

Selah already snagged some of Sophie's toys.  She loves wearing princess crowns=)

Selah has been blowing lots of kisses lately=)

Elaine and her baby girl.

HaHa, told you I'd show you Elaine's "evil eye."  All in good fun Elaine.  All in good fun!
She was trying to get Reese to kiss her on the cheek and Reese wouldn't cooperate.

In the background is My AWESOME lamp that my parents made.  They are good!
Daddy trying to help a little girl pull her tights up.

Sophie sporting her Santa Apron that Yaya made last year!

Onto Christmas #6 at Nana and Pop's!  Didn't take great pictures here, but we'll hit the highlights=)
The girls got a fab dual screen portable dvd player.  This should make any future car trips a breeze!

Back at home, the girls dug back into the new toys!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas #2 &3

Christmas Eve 2009
We started off the day at Trey's grandparents' house.  The girls got some really fun things, we had a wonderful meal and I did not take enough pictures.  My photography overall this Christmas season was lacking, but low lighting is hard with the lens I had.  Thankfully Trey bought me a new lens that does better in low light.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to play with it until after Christmas, so excuse the pics!

Ahh yes.  The pajamas.... sigh... Well the absolute nano second we walked in the door, Selah had a "major blowout."  The kind that forces you to put them in their ugly pajamas you had stuffed in the bottom of the diaper bag.  I was not too thrilled about our Christmas memories having to include yucky pajamas, but oh well... that is life with a 1 year old!

Washed and dried the dress in time to snap a few shots of the girls!

One of two pictures I was in this month=)  That's what happens to the picture taker.  You're not in any pictures and it's your annoying voice narrarating all the videos!  Know what I mean??

Onto Mimi and PopPop's house where we've been celebrating Christmas Eve my entire life! 
Lukeyboy seemed very excited about opening presents.  He is the most fun kid to give gifts to because his reactions are so over the top.  He has such a grateful little heart! 

Selah lost a shoe the moment we walked in the door=)  Sophie always looks clean and neat and Selah is one of those kids who always looks a bit disheveled=)

Selah Rose with Lillian Rose - two sweeties!

Girl shot!

Isn't my mom pretty?

After the kids opened gifts it was onto a little Dirty Santa.  Riley has a little mischief in her eye...

Make that a lot of mischief in her eye!  Wait, no I think that is an evil laugh.  I'll have to post a picture of Elaine's evil eye later;)

Reesie Poo and Uncle David

Like all families, after the gifts are done, we have a magical Christmas Elf come for a visit to talk about life at the North Pole.  Y'all do that, right?

The kids had never met Nemo, so they were very anxious and curious to see what he'd be like.

Nemo was delightful and definitely entertained my kids just as much as he entertained me and my sisters/cousins about 20 years ago!

Nemo talked about his daily regimen and gave the kids some pointers.  He was a little uncoordinated for an elf though!

When Nemo went back the the North Pole, some of the kids were not happy. 

Because we hadn't packed in enough activity into one night, we then moved onto the Nativity.  I think from the animated expressions on the childrens' faces, they will all probably have a career in theatre!

Then after the Nativity, PopPop talked to us and prayed for the family. 
We love our PopPop!  David played some tunes as well.

Then for one more tradition, we all did a candle lighting and sang Silent Night.

Christmas has always been so special to me and I am so glad to be passing on these traditions to my kids!

Selah playing with somebody's shotgun.  Don't worry, it wasn't loaded!

Uncle Dave with the girls.

After a very special day, we put out some cookies and reindeer food for Santa and his reindeer.  We made sure to use a special cup too!

One Tired Mama!