Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Selah's Joovy new toy!

So...I had a mini breakdown this week... Partially because I am still adjusting to Trey being gone A LOT! Partially because my house was (once again) destroyed, and partially because I have a precious little 11 month old girl who is addicted to me. She crawls around after me and screams if she doesn't get what she wants (attention mostly). So, after a good cry, a visit to mom's house and a chat with my aunt (mother of 5). I bee-lined home (minus kids - aren't YaYa's the best)and had a play yard overnighted to my house. Then I cleaned my whole house from top to bottom and went to Smith's where I not only ordered Sophie's birthday invitations (finally) but I also ordered thank you notes for both girls and got Sophie a "tote bag" for school (apparently backpacks are not allowed this year?). They were all a super deal, especially the tote bag 3.99 +extra for a precious pink and brown polka dot monogram!

Thanks to my mom, a very bad day was quickly turned around into a great day! Have I mentioned how thankful I am to live near family! I don't know what I would do without them all!

So here are a few pictures of the girls in the new "play yard." Sophie wanted to get in too, which I had anticipated and that's partly why I ordered the most ginormous one made I think. Unfortunatly, it is not so great for the decor of my house, but it is oh so good for my sanity!
(BTW - If you're in the market, I am very happy with the play yard, especially the oh so soft fitted sheet that comes with it. It was super easy to put up too!)