Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here's my latest attempt with my new canon. I took the girls to Homewood Park the other day ALL BY MYSELF and was crazy enough to bring my camera. Watching two kids and taking pictures is a feat in and of itself. I am hoping to go back tomorrow with Trey (he actually has a whole day off!) You definitely need that #2 man to get the kids attention so you can snap the shots. Anyway, I still don't know what I am doing, but apparently my camera does, cause I think some of them are pretty cute. I took about 300, theses are a few of my faves. Still don't know how to edit.... need to work on that one soon!!! Enjoy and if you have any pointers, feel free=)

Sisters Chubby legs


Swing and Sky
Cutest shoes in the world! (Keens-please make them for women in pink!!)

Sweet Feet


Elaine said...

I'll graciously volunteer to help you get in some practice... not that you really need any because those are pretty dang cute! So let me know when you want to take 300 of my lil indians :D

The Hairston's said...

These are great, Abby!! I love the one of Sophie climbing and you can see the clouds in the background. Picasa is great for editing pics. And the best part of it is that its free :)

Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

i'm going to miss these girls!

jj said...

those are good pics Abby! I'm about to buy some keens for myself for China! I'm glad to know they have some for Mallory too!