Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Abby's Keep your house clean! cleaning schedule

If you've been reading for long then you know how much I hate cleaning and how bad I am at it! I tried the flylady thing and it didn't really work, but I thought maybe I could simplify it and make up my own cleaning schedule. All this is in hopes that I wont have to have these major overhaul cleaning days. I'm going to try it next month and see if it helps. Let me know if you think I missed anything or have any ideas to improve my system.

Abby's Keep your house clean cleaning schedule!

Daily – pick up toys in living room, clean kitchen, water plants

Every Monday – clean bathrooms (scrub sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers)
Every Tuesday – Wash bed linens and clean outside of my kitchen appliances
Every Wednesday – Dust and Vacuum whole house
Every Thursday – mop kitchen and do laundry (major laundry day)
Every Friday – off day

Week one
Monday – meal plan for the month and grocery shop
Tuesday – clean girls rooms
Wednesday - dust ceiling fans
Thursday – organize playroom
Friday – off day

Week two
Monday – dust baseboards and grocery shop
Tuesday – organize dresser drawers in kids rooms
Wednesday – clean windows inside
Thursday – clean windows outside
Friday – off day

Week three
Monday – grocery shop and iron clothes (yes, that’s right, I don’t iron much)
Tuesday – organize our dresser drawers
Wednesday – dust blinds
Thursday – clean out inside of fridge
Friday – off day

Week four –
Monday – grocery shop and organize cabinets and inventory food in pantry
Tuesday – pull weeds outside
Wednesday – every other month, wash slipcover on sofa
Thursday – clean out car (wash and vacuum)
Friday – off day


Elaine said...

Holy Moly! Let me know how it goes, that's very organized and I wish you MUCH LUCK!!!! haha. you are better than i!


Kat said...

Wow! That's an impressive cleaning schedule! Good luck with it, it makes it seem less daunting when you break it up into small manageable chunks like that. I hate cleaning too and I am always looking at ways to streamline and simplify. I also have a routine that I need to do a much better job following. I like how you put tasks like meal planning for the month in there, very nice job!