Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Day - Celebration 4, 5 and 6!

I lied.  We did 6 Christmases.  I forgot to count the one that occurs at MY OWN HOUSE.  Sad, right?
Well before I take my break from blogging and internet, I'd better hurry up and post the Christmas pics!

Christmas morning before the girls came downstairs!

The present opening begins.  I really have VERY few pictures of this.

Selah tries to learn to use her Sit N Spin=)

After we were done, we got ready and headed to my parents' house for #5.
(I told you I didn't take many pictures)

Luke and Sophie got some super cool gifts!

Selah and Reese got the same little cute tea set.

Reese showed all her toys to PopPop.

Selah already snagged some of Sophie's toys.  She loves wearing princess crowns=)

Selah has been blowing lots of kisses lately=)

Elaine and her baby girl.

HaHa, told you I'd show you Elaine's "evil eye."  All in good fun Elaine.  All in good fun!
She was trying to get Reese to kiss her on the cheek and Reese wouldn't cooperate.

In the background is My AWESOME lamp that my parents made.  They are good!
Daddy trying to help a little girl pull her tights up.

Sophie sporting her Santa Apron that Yaya made last year!

Onto Christmas #6 at Nana and Pop's!  Didn't take great pictures here, but we'll hit the highlights=)
The girls got a fab dual screen portable dvd player.  This should make any future car trips a breeze!

Back at home, the girls dug back into the new toys!



The Hairstons said...

I love looking at all the pictures of your beautiful girls! Looks like you had a great Christmas!

TBG said...

your family is so cute, abby! you and elaine's kids get me so excited for our little ones :) maybe i'll see you at brookwood this spring!

Elaine said...

HA! Hilarious. That is not my evil eye though, that's more of a crazed "if you don't give your mama a kiss right now...." look. You know the look? I would love to have the rest of the pics of us on your camera :)