Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Bunny and Blue Bird.

My great grandmother had special names for her grandkids.  My mom (Yaya) was Candy Lamb.  Yaya decided that her grandkids needed special names so Sophie is "Sweet Bunny" and Selah is "Blue Bird."  I was looking at their dresses and thought the names fit them very well in these pictures! 

I have been thinking about my own special names for them and I think Sophie is definitely Sunshine because I always sing her "You are my sunshine, my Sophie Sunshine," and I am thinking Wild Flower for Selah...  No explanation necessary!

Wild Flower

Love these precious girls so much it hurts!

I took all these pics before we went to church Saturday night.  Trey had to work Sunday, so we were so thankful that our church had alternate services to accommodate everyone.  Such a blessing!
Stay tuned for Easter portraits.  aka, Selah running through her great grandmother's yard at warp speed, and Sophie voraciously gathering Easter Eggs that contained money!  I wanted to take part in this Egg Hunt!

Here is a preview.... 
Finally finished their Easter dresses at 1am on Saturday night.  I am surprisingly efficient at night, when the house is quiet=).

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