Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday Fun with the Animals

We took a trip to the Petting Zoo at Oak Mountain on Friday (the most beautiful day of the week!)  We definitely weren't the only people who had this idea either.  We had to actually wait in line to get into Oak Mtn for about 10 minutes.  But it was worth it to enjoy the beautiful day out there!

We decided first things first, so we had our picnic before seeing the animals.
There were sheep all over the place and they were actually "baaaa"ing.  Selah was wide eyed the whole time.  I think she thought she was on Reality Baby McDonald (for those of you Baby Einstein fans).
Here are some 3 day old baby goats, they were so cute. 
Here is the 7 week old spotted pig.  He was all alone in there which was kinda sad, but he sure was cute!
Here is one of the donkeys/mules? wandering around the barnyard.  Sophie definitely preferred the caged animals to the ones who could come right up to you.  I guess when you're 4, they look pretty scary=).

Here was one of two young cows that were "moo"ing a lot.  Selah definitely was shocked the first time she heard it.  I was using my fixed focal length lens, so I had a hard time getting any pictures with animals and kids.  Plus, Sophie wasn't geting anywhere near any of the animals.  And Selah kept a safe distance as well.

She did start wandering off for a minute, but she turned around back to mama very quickly when that sheep started walking briskly towards her, probably looking for some food!

Definitely worth the $2 we paid to get into the park.  (kids 5 and under are free)

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