Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Horse Heaven

My cousin Lindsay invited Sophie and I to visit Windwood Farms the other day with her family.  We were more than happy to go with them and tour this amazing facility!  So we met the McClellan Clan for a fun afternoon of horsing around. 

Sophie and Olivia.

We started our tour off with a visit to the tiniest horse I've ever seen.  Meet "Andy" who is a miniature horse that was rescued from a local vet and now lives here.  Andy weighs in at a whopping 25 pounds!

All the kids and adults enjoyed lovin on Andy.  I actually think I'd rather have a miniature horse than a dog!  He's smaller than most dogs!

This is a view of ONE of the barns.  The owner actually lives here too. 

Kids walking through the amazing barn.

No detail was overlooked at this beautiful facility. 

Detail, Detail, Detail

Yes, this is IN the Barn.

The landscape is absolutely breathtaking.  I could walk around out here all day.

This is the lesson barn.

Meet "Freedom" the sweetie that carted the girls around so patiently and quietly.

This is one of those pictures worth a thousand words.  Sophie is mentioning the "smell."  I think there was poop somewhere nearby.  Olivia has the look of concern, and Freedom is protesting her girth being tightened by pinning her ears back.  This was the only moment she appeared anything but pleasant though=).

The girls get ready to ride!

They decided who would go first.

Landon was deep in thought.

Sophie decked out in pink.  Every girl needs a pair of pink cowgirl boots, come on!

This is an inside shot of the "lesson barn."

It was decided the oldest went first and Sophie was happy to watch Olivia.

Then Sophie, my big 4 year old, had her turn and loved it!

This is not the proper attire for hunter/jumpers, but it sure was cute. 

I wasn't excited or proud at all... Can you tell!

I decided to walk with her for a minute in case she got scared, but she definitely didn't need me there. 

She looked like a little peanut!

This is the look of concentration I think=)

Lillian keeping cool I think=)

This is Caroline, one of the trainers. I can't remember this horses name, but she was gorgeous!

This is a beautiful pond behind the lesson barn.

Sophie learning to lead the horse from the left side.

Priceless!  All the kids, especially Sophie and Olivia had so much fun and were BEGGING to come back and ride again!

Two happy little girls enjoying some hot chocolate as we walked back to the Big Barn.

This is a picture of the Big Barn.

Anytime I get to do something like this it makes my heart hurt because I miss horses and riding so much.  The timing of this outing was very appropriate as I am having my annual "reunion" with my Equestrian Team girls this weekend.  I have always known that I'd get back into riding, but it's hard when you are on a budget and having babies!  I am hoping though, that we can get Sophie into it slowly.  I know she's only four, but I'd just love for her to grow up "in the barn" and learning all the responsibility and pride that comes with riding and learning to care for a horse.  I am so thankful that my parents made sacrifices so that I could have a horse and ride when I was young.  It definitely had a huge impact on my life and is part of what makes me who I am.  I hope I get to watch my kids fall in love with it just like I did.  I think mama's gonna have to get out there and ride too!  I can't just sit on the fence and watch!  If anybody's interested in taking lessons with us, let me know.  It's always fun to do the horse thing with a group=).


The Hairston's said...

These pictures are amazing, Abby!! Really! The photography is incredible! I can totally see the pic of Sophie on the horse made really big and put up on her wall in her room! Looks like such a fun time!!!

Susan Stabler said...

SO great seeing you last friday!!!! Your girls look exactly like you and these are GREAT pictures. Stay in touch!!!

Sally B. said...

Love these pics, Abbs! You were right; it looks beautiful out there!