Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tacky Christmas

Trey and I had our First Annual Warren Tacky Christmas Party last night!  I called it the "first annual" in case we decide to make it a tradition every year.  I have to say, it was very fun and easy to roll with the tacky theme. 
To plan your own Tacky Christmas Party, you need to first watch Christmas Vacation a few times. 
Then you need to raid parents/grandparents closets and possibly make a trip to the thrift store to get you and outfit that's "real nice."  We spent about $10 at the thrift store and my sweater is a donation from my mil as well as my snowman earrings. 
Then you need to think of ideas to make your gathering extra tacky. 
Lastly, you need to take lots of pictures!  Hope you enjoy!

We got out all our extra colored lights and hung them loosely around the house.

I found this awesome "fireplace scene" on a dvd at target for $1.  We had the "fire" roaring the whole party=).

Of course, Frosty had to be front and center on the mantle.  Everybody needs a styrofoam snowman, right?

No Tacky Christmas Party can occur without some delicious Easy Cheez!

An assortment of mismatched glasses along with some fine "paperware" will help your guests feel classy.

Red dickie, white vneck sweater and seafoam green pants that are too short will help your hubby get in the spirit=).

Pigs in a blanket, always delicious.

My wreath wraped in colored lights and hung so beautifully.  Be sure not to hide any cords or plugs or tags.

Placemats with the tags hanging out, a centerpiece to die for, crockpot with rotel, finger sandwiches, more colored lights... need i say more?

Gotta serve the chips in the bag too!

Trey displayed the crackers for the easy cheese so artfully and elegantly.

Every tacky Christmas party needs a grown man in a santa suit.  Baby Wyatt also wore his Santa suit!

Colored lights add such ambience to your room.

A man in a reindeer shirt or a turtleneck will always fit in.

I love that all our friends were good sports and brought out their finest attire as well!

My centerpiece for the food table. 

I hope everybody is having a very Merry Christmas!  Hopefully we'll have a bigger house next year and we can invite lots more people to our Tacky party, so if you get a really "awesome" santa sweater this year, don't donate it to goodwill!  Hang onto it by all means!

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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

i can't swim clark. i know that eddie.

tell trey his pants are 'real nice'