Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, we're finally back from vacation and our computer is up and running so I have LOTS of pictures and LOTS to tell... here is a sneak peak of our Venezia pics, enjoy...

Venice, ahhh, so romantic.... all the time!

Ponte Rialto (close to our hotel) taken from a Vaporetto or "water taxi".

The best part of this vacation... alone time with NO kids=) we did miss them terribly though!

Another yummy dinner in Venice, lasagna and gnocchi (again)

So beautiful!

Yummy food, this was my first experience with gnocchi and I am hooked=)

More food, can you see a trend here?

St Mark's Basilica / Piazza San Marco

Crazy european posing for his own pictures behind Trey.

More to come...


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

love the pics...can't wait to see more!

and i think trey should have worn the tight white pants with the tummy bearing shirt like the guy behind him. :)

joy said...

oh i forgot about ya'lls trip! I'm so jealous!!!!
I'm glad ya'll got to get away, good for the marriage :) hope to see ya'll soon!