Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This week at CVS

Dove skin vitalizer(Regular $12.49) on sale $9.99 (get $3 ecb back)
Neo to go spray $5.99 (J&J - spend $10 get $5 ECB back)
JJ first aid kit $7.99 (towards J&J $5 ECB)
sunlight dish soap $0.35 - got 3 of them (in clearance buggy at front of store) value $6 total?
Flu relief daytime $1.12 (clearance) value $5.99
Cold and cough $1.15 (clearance) value $5.99
Neutrogena visibly even moisturizer $3.50 (clearance) value $24.00


coupons used:
$.50 off neosporin
$1 off J&J first aid product
$3.50 off skin vitalizer
$8 in ECB

What I got back - $8 in ECB

1 comment:

Weatherly Hulsey said...

Abby! You crack me up with all of your bargain shopping! Sounds like you are in super planning mode stalking up on things! Fun to see what you are up to these days!