Friday, July 11, 2008

God is so good!

Do you ever have one of those weeks that you want to say, "God, what are you doing to me?" Well, I have had a week like that. It seems to have been one thing after the other. I am exhausted from work and my seemingly endless "to do" list. To top it off, I was rudely awoken this morning (at 5 am) by our smoke detector beeping every minute. Of course Trey slept right through it, so I drug my pregnant self out of bed. I climbed on top of sophie's booster seat that is strapped to a chair and started trying to take it apart. I don't know what I did, but the thing quit beeping finally. Well, of course I get back in bed and can't sleep! Great. So I get up and get online and check my email. Then I decide to have a quiet time since I have a little peace and quiet. I started reading my one year bible and all these other verses are popping out at me, feeding me. I am listening to a playlist I made last night of praise/worship music. All of the sudden I am overwhelmed with God's presence and love. Do you ever have those moments where you feel so surrounded by Him and loved it brings you to tears. Well, I am pregnant and very emotional, so that may be where the tears came from, but I deeply needed to feel His presence. It seems like God lets us go through hard days and watches us fall, but He is always there to pick us up like a loving Daddy! It is so worth it to be reminded of exactly how much our Heavenly Father loves us and cares about even the small things in our lives! I am so blessed and cannot imagine going through one minute of this life without His love. God is amazing!

"And if the world caves in around me, to You I still hold on....Jesus, because of You I'm free!" Free - Hillsong

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Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

i'm proud of you for many reasons this week 1) the way you've handled your week. much cooler than i would have been. 2) you make the best spinach dip i've ever had. 3) you added music. great job, great choices! 4) you went from one to three kids and didn't even flinch.