Friday, June 20, 2008

Can I just enjoy getting fat for 9 months without being weighed all the time?!?

When you are pregnant and seeing your OB at very frequent intervals, as a form of torture, they like to make you stand on a scale in an office full of people and weigh you in all your clothing every single time you come for a visit. Then, your dr comes into the room and the first thing they look at is how much weight you've gained. My feedback this week was, "Well, we've had a little weight jump this month, but that's ok, because you didn't gain as much last month." Next thing you know, they'll be measuring your hips and thighs every week!
Because it seems that I am gaining weight exponentially at this point in my pregnancy I have come up with many ways of justifying my weight gain to make myself feel better....
-My favorite one is remembering that I had a 9 pound baby at 38 weeks, so when they tell you "your baby weighs 2 pounds this week" I am like, "Whatever! My baby probably weighs 3 or 3 1/2 pounds!"
- "Oh, well this appointment was in the afternoon, and I just ate lunch."
- "I think I am just well hydrated today."
-"I have heavier clothes on this time than I did last time, that's at least 5 lbs right?"
Anyway, to add to my distress I have two weddings that I am in within the first 3 months of giving birth! I am also about to go to the beach for the week with my precious (and skinny) sister in law, and my little sister Elaine (also precious and skinny) is 17 weeks pregnant with her totally flat stomach and I am sure she hasn't gained a pound!
So, if you too have had the weight gain woes with your pregnancy, never fear, I am right there with ya! Just trying to get through the last few months without weighing more than my husband.=)

***disclaimor***This is just a vent and I promise I will continue to eat a healthy diet and I know it'll all be worth it in the end. I am just hoping we don't approach 10 pounds with this baby!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

yeah, no sympathy're like a pregnant model. you forget, i've seen you in a swimsuit. i'm not even pregnant and our stomachs look about the same.

annieck said...

I'm with Stephanie. You will get no sympathy here. Every time I see you at church I think, "Now why couldn't I have been tiny and cute like that?" or "There's no way I could have worn that when I was pregnant. People would flee!"
You look AMAZING! I want to hear none of this about weight gain. It must be something that runs in your family...looking amazing while pregnant. Yeah, that didn't quite happen for me...either time. No sympathy here! ;)

Rachael said...

You are so funny, Abby! I have not seen you since you started showing, but I am sure you look great! Glad to see that you are blogging!